Frances Patridge Campus Center

The Frances Patridge Campus Center is our central gathering place. There are many activities and services under this roof; we have a feeling you'll spend a considerable amount of time here. Check out what's offered:

Campus Store

The Union College Campus Store is located on the first floor here. You can't miss it. We have everything from Union College t-shirts, hoodies and hats to laptop sleeves, coffee mugs and dog bowls. Prefer to shop from your favorite chair? Visit our online store.

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Game Room

The game room is upstairs in the student center and offers billiards, table tennis, video games and a variety of board games. Just bring your Union ID—plus a friend or two—to check out games and equipment.

For a refueling break, there are soft drinks and snack machines in the stairwell lounge.

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Upstairs in the Patridge Campus Center just beside the Game Room is a cafe where you can enjoy a break from cafeteria food, and relax with friends. The cafe also contains a stage area, an outdoor patio, if you'd rather enjoy your cafe snacks al fresco.

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Campus Post Office

Located downstairs in the student center, the campus post office is what you think it is: a place to send and receive mail and parcel packages. For more information, please visit the Mailroom Services department page.

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Lost and Found

If you can't find it, or you found it but don't know what to do with it, you should visit Campus Safety. Their office is downstairs in the student center, and they handle most lost and found issues. The folks in the Office for Student Development can help as well, if a safety officer is busy with something more pressing.

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Fax, ATM and Copying

An ATM is located downstairs in the student center. A copier is available in the library. And fax machines are available throughout campus. That about covers it. Plus one more thing—if you have a real fax 911, ask someone in the Office for Student Development to help. Their fax digits are 606-546-1605.

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