International Students

Applying as an International Student

Students applying for admission to Union College who are not citizens of the United States, and who are not classified by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) as residents of the United States, are considered international students.

Requirements to Complete the Admission Process:
  • The completed international application for admission
  • Official copies of ACT and/or SAT I scores
  • Copy of valid Passport
  • If you completed your education outside of the U.S., you must have your credentials evaluated by World Education Services who will provide Union College an official record of academic equivalents. For more information, go online at
  • International Student athletes who have attempted coursework outside of the U.S. must have their coursework evaluated by InCRED.  Please visit:  for details.  InCRED can also be contacted via:, or 816-595-8300 ext.3
  • Official statement of financial support form (provided by Union College), serving as evidence that you will have the necessary financial support throughout your studies at Union College.
  • A non-refundable $100 application and processing fee will be charged to student accounts
  • English language proficiency is required for all international students. All international applicants whose home country does not have English as an official language must submit one of the following:
      1. Official TOEFL
      2. Completion of approved ELS English Language program

English language proficiency is subject to review by the Union College Admissions and Academic Standing Committee.  

Letters of recommendation, with the necessary English translations, are strongly encouraged.

When you have been admitted, the college will file form I-20. If you use this form I-20 to enter the U.S., you're obligated to attend Union College. Once you enroll at Union College, you're obligated to stay for at least one year. You must also maintain a full course of study (at least 12 semester hours per term).

International students must have applied, submitted all required documents, and be admitted by the semester deadline.

Fall Semester: July 1st

Fall II Semester: September 1st

Spring Semester: December 1st

Spring II Semester: February 1st