Inclement Weather Policy

For information about weather delays or closures, please use one of the resources listed below. Each will be updated or notified by 6:30 a.m. for day classes or 3:00 p.m. for evening classes, per our inclement weather policy.



Plan A/Schedule 1

8 am and 9 am classes cancelled

10 am classes meet on time

8 am and 9:30 am classes cancelled  

10:30 am classes meet on time

* Staff report at 10:00 am


Plan B/Schedule 2

10 am and 11 am classes cancelled

8 am classes meet at 10 am  

9 am classes meet at 11 am

9:30 am and 10:30 am classes cancelled

8 am classes meet at 10:30 am

* Staff report at 10 am

Faculty & Staff
When classes are not in session, a closure or delayed Closure/Delay opening will be communicated to fac/staff by indicating a closure or the length of a delay rather than “Plan A” or “Plan B.”
Union College Social Media Pages

Visit either the official Union College Facebook or Twitter page to read about any inclement weather notifications.

Union College Hotline - (606)546-1600

Call the hotline to hear a recording about any inclement weather notifications.

Union College Email

Check your Union email for inclement weather weather notifications.

Union College Voicemail

Inclement weather notifications are also left as messages on all Union desk phones. You can check your Union voicemail from home to learn of current notifications. (If you do not know how to access voicemail from home, visit the technology site and choose "Phone & Voicemail" under "Faculty and Staff Support.")

Union College Text Messaging

Union sends inclement weather notifications as text messages to all who have enrolled in the college's campus alert service. If you haven't enrolled, you may do so at E2Campus Weather Alert. You can also text UnionAlert to #79516 to automatically enroll. 

Regional Television Stations

Union provides information about closures and delays to the following television stations. In addition to their televised lists of closures and delays, each station maintains a website that includes the same information. If you prefer to check their websites for notices about delays or closures, use the following addresses. On each homepage, the link to weather-related closures and delays is prominently displayed