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Please contact our counseling intern, Blake Palmer, to schedule an appointment.  Mr. Palmer can be reached at or by calling 606-546-1684.
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Who can receive counseling services?

Counseling services are available to any Union College student.

How much does it cost to get counseling services at Union College?

These services are free of charge.

Where do I go for counseling services?

The Counseling Center is located on the first floor of Sharp Academic Center in Room 3105.

What is counseling?

Simply stated, counseling is any relationship in which one person is helping another person to better understand and solve some problem. Friends and relatives provide a type of counseling, as do clergy, academic advisors, teachers and many others. The counselor(s) at the Union College Counseling Center are set apart because of their extensive training in psychology and human behavior.

How do I get started?

To schedule an appointment, call 606-546-1278. If you do not speak with a counselor in person, please leave a message, and a staff member will return your call. Let the counselor know how to contact you and if it is okay to leave a voice mail message. You do not need a referral to come to counseling. Just call and refer yourself.

What brings you to see us?

People see counselors for a variety of reasons, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, loneliness, stress management, an eating disorder or relationship issues. People sometimes find that they need a little extra emotional support during times when they are faced with grief, loss or other significant life events. People also see counselors because they “just don’t feel right” or because they are ready for personal growth and insight. Some counseling issues are, perhaps, very intense while other counseling issues are not at all.

How long will I attend? 

Usually sessions are scheduled for an hour at a time once a week. Sometimes people come in more often, and sometimes they come in less often. How long and how often you attend counseling is determined on an individual basis by you and your counselor.

Who will find out if I receive counseling services at Union College?

Counseling services are confidential. Only the staff of the Union College Counseling Center will know that you are receiving counseling services.

  • If you want someone else (such as: parents; your doctor or psychiatrist; another counselor or therapist; a coach; a staff or faculty member at Union College; etc.) to know that you are receiving counseling services, you must provide written permission for staff of the Counseling Center to provide information to that person.
  • If a student receiving counseling services is assessed to be a danger to themselves or others, staff of the Counseling Center may provide information to other people related to increasing safety. This is very rare and would be done in compliance with existing state and federal laws regarding health care information.
  • A copy of the privacy policy of the Counseling Center is available upon request and is given to each student receiving counseling services.

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