Union staff member appointed to crisis response board

Published on
September 16, 2013

A Union College staff member was recently appointed by Gov. Beshear’s office as a board member with the Kentucky Communities Crisis Response Board.

The KCCRB was created by the state and has the primary responsibility of providing mental health and counseling assistance to an area or community in a situation of disaster or crisis.  Union College Director of Counseling Jodi Carroll has been appointed to the KCCRB board.

“I believe that KCCRB does very valuable work, and I feel honored to serve KCCRB in this additional capacity after having served as a Team Member and Regional Coordinator,” Carroll said. “The work as a Team Member and Regional Coordinator has been extremely rewarding, and I am excited about the opportunity to further enhance the services provided by the KCCRB. I enjoy both direct work with individuals and groups as well as work that directs policy and procedures, so I expect to find both roles fulfilling.”

As board member, Carroll said one of her biggest responsibilities would be to recruit and boost KCCRB membership within the region.

“My goal is to increase awareness of the KCCRB and how to join. I also hope to identify and minimize any barriers which may prevent local people from joining the team,” Carroll said. “When people of southeastern Kentucky work together, we tend to accomplish great things.”

Carroll said that she is looking forward to the experience and feels honored to serve the KCCRB in this capacity. She added that the training through KCCRB not only helps her respond in times of crisis, but also helps her serve in her position at Union.

“The training I receive as a team member with KCCRB/KCCRT is extremely valuable in my role as counselor. The team provides trainings with the primary goal of equipping team members with skills to provide high quality service to individuals or groups who have been impacted by a disaster or a crisis,” Carroll said. “These same skills are also useful in my role as counselor at Union College, as individuals receiving counseling may often benefit from these same skills. Even though a client may not be experiencing a current crisis or disaster, the skills may be beneficial in assisting the client as he or shedeals with situations from the past.”

Carroll, who applied for the board position, will report to her first KCCRB meeting soon. She will serve for two years, and then have the opportunity to serve a second term. She said she is very fortunate to receive the opportunity to be a board member, and is excited to begin her duties.