Union sets goal to show student support for stadium lights project

Published on
April 04, 2013

Six hundred and eighty. That’s the number of undergraduate students currently enrolled at Union College. It’s also a preliminary fundraising goal for the “Let’s Turn the Lights On” campaign.

In an effort to show that 100 percent of the student body supports the stadium lights project, Union is trying to raise one dollar per student.

During the first week in April, students, faculty and staff have donated to the project at either the College Store or Speed Hall. In exchange for one dollar, each person is presented with a postcard-sized wall tag—complete with an illustration of a light switch in the “on” position—along with a Sharpie and a piece of tape. The Sharpie, of course, is for identifying the donor, and the tape is to display the card on the wall alongside everyone else who has donated. There are now more than $200 in names displayed, with hopes of many more to follow.

The ultimate goal of the “Let’s Turn the Lights On” campaign is to raise enough money to provide stadium lights for football, soccer, softball, baseball and golf facilities. Doing this would benefit not only student-athletes in many ways, but also the community. Some of those benefits include the ability to play night games; practice later in the day to reserve daylight hours for academics; to host summer camps for community and regional teams and organizations; and many more.

For more information about the “Let’s Turn the Lights On” campaign, visit unionky.edu/stadiumlights. You can also keep track of the campus progress of the campus-wide campaign by following or joining the conversation: #ucshines.