Union College to have marching band in the fall

Published on
March 06, 2013

Union College has announced plans to bring a marching band to campus, starting in the fall of 2013.

Recruiting has already begun for the band, under the direction of Bryce Seals, the head cheerleading and dance coach at Union College. He will be assisted in the fall by freshman pep band member Adam Webb, along with Dwayne Dixon, the current leader of Union's pep band, who will act as a consultant.

Scholarships are available for students who perform in the marching band. These scholarships will be additional to any merit-based scholarships students may receive. The band will serve as a marching band during the football season, and as a pep band during basketball season. Union is hoping to have at least 30 new students involved by the fall.

Seals, who lead the initiative, said that a marching band at Union will help create a more competitive and enjoyable atmosphere at athletic events.

"A marching band at Union is a win-win situation," Seals said. "It allows for more students to join the Union nation, and Union has yet another opportunity to give back to the community."

Any student who has experience, either in marching band or color guard, is encouraged to seek more information. They can do so through contacting Seals at (606) 546-1650 or by visiting the website at www.unionky.edu/band.