Dr. Michelle Kwon

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Michigan State University: Ph. D. in Mathematics

Areas of Expertise

Differential Geometry And Algebraic Geometry. In particular, Gromov-Witten Theory, Enumerative Geometry( Real and Complex )  

Math Education


Michelle was a visiting graduate student at the Institue for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, CA. She also held a joint appointment with the Fields Institue and the University of Toronto in Canada as a postdoctoral fellow. Before she came to Union College, she taught at public universities in the USA.


Course Websites:

Spring 2014

MATH 131 A
(College Algebra: Hybrid) 
MATH 242
(Intermediate Calculus & Analytic Geometry)
MATH 243
(Advanced Calculus & Analytic Geometry)
MATH 333
(Modern Algebra)

Fall 2013

MATH 110 A 
(Topics in Contemporary Mathematics )
MATH 131 A 
( College Algebra: Hybrid ) 
MATH 241 A 
(Introduction to Calculus & Analytic Geometry)
MATH 242 A 
( Intermediate Calculus & Analytic Geometry )







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