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Competent Vector-Host-Pathogen Interplay: maggots in action 

Figure: hatched rat-talied larvae from rotten banana stem & Pupae of rat-tailed larvae                                                         

Myiasis - Rat-tailed Maggots - Leeches - Medical Framework

Public concern about human myiasis, ecto- or intestinal parasitism; has been on the rise since incidents of non conventional terrorist attacks like anthrax poisoning, food sabotage and the use of food as a weapon of terrorism first surfaced in
2001. The challenge to push the advancement of food and water safety into the next centuries have become more critical and urgent as the need to protect consumers from unintentional and deliberate food-water contamination have arisen given the complexities of immigration and food environments in our world global village.

We first came across life rat-tailed maggots, exotic creatures described initially as artifacts, in November 1996 in Dschang, Cameroon, West Africa. We were led into the world of rat-tailed maggots through its scourges and burdens on some of our loved ones. Since then working in an enclosed and bounded field of unknowing, we have come up with the following resource as the first step towards gathering and documenting the scarce scattered literature and many faces of rat-tailed maggots & larvae, its relatives and their scourges. 

Location of Dschang, Cameroon West-Central Africa

Two goals:

  •  enable and build a knowledge-base and data-bank on rat-tailed maggots & hatched Larvae for use as reference
  •  document the anatomy and entomology of myiasis resulting from ecto- & endo-parasitism of animals and man

What we have on this page and on the subsequent and linked pages is a Special Panoramic Collection, a Compendium & Resource on leeches, maggots and larvae as a way to move forward in understanding Our Diverse World of Rat-Tailed Maggot and other Larval Infestation.

Like other broad compilations and databases, we have attempted to give credit to the sources as much as possible. In some cases, we have unintentionally failed to give adequate credit & also excluded some important data. In all cases, we crave your indulgence to the evolving piece of work and request that readers kindly call our attention to any errors, omissions & commissions using the following contact address. 

A memory lasts forever!!! Never does it die - so should be our memory of rat-tailed maggots & larvae!

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And this much we know, that whereas we were blind, now we see

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