Dr. David Johns

Vice President: Academic Affairs; Dean of College

Contact Info

(606) 546-1732
3218 Sharp Academic Center
Campus PO Box
CPO D 002
  • BA, Malone University, 1985
  • MA, Earlham School of Religion, 1989
  • MLS, Kent State University, 1993
  • PhD, Duquesne University, 1999
Areas of Expertise

Dr. Johns has published widely in the area of theological studies. His work includes: Quakering Theology (2013), The Collected Writings of Maurice Creasey (2011), Mysticism and Ethics in Friedrich von Hügel (2004), and a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies (2013). 


David Johns, Ph.D., came to Union College after many years of teaching religious studies at the Earlham School of Religion and Wilmington College. He has also worked as a campus chaplain and academic librarian. Over the past several years he has led cross-cultural study groups to Mexico and Honduras, lectured at Universidad Iberoamericana and Instituto Bíblico Jorge Fox, and was Scholar-in-Residence at the Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos in Mexico City.

Johns grew up in a working class family near Canton, Ohio. His paternal grandmother was a first-generation German immigrant and his mother was reared in the mountains of West Virginia. He is the first in his family to attend college.

Dr. Johns brings to his work at Union a deep commitment to liberal arts education and a desire to help students and faculty think creativity about our role as responsible members of a global community. He became Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College at Union in July 2013.