Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

Have you ever been a bit confused or overwhelmed in a class? Have you ever missed the grade you wanted by “just that much?" Have you ever felt that you studied for hours but found the test to be different than what you’d expected? If so, Supplemental Instruction could be just the solution for you.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an award winning* peer-led academic support program that helps students enrolled in certain historically challenging courses.

SI sessions are free, voluntary and open to the entire student population of each designated course.

SI sessions are an opportunity for students to work together with other classmates to compare notes, discuss readings, ask questions, develop organizational tools and prepare for examinations


Here are a few things you should know:


SI Leaders are successful students who are responsible for leading one or more study session per week.

SI Leaders attend all course lectures, take notes and plan and facilitate quality SI sessions to assist students with course content and study skills.

SI leaders must also complete a training program and attend supplementary training during the semester.


SI is a paid, professional opportunity for student leaders who want to build rapport with an academic department as well as gain experience facilitating groups and teaching students.

SI Leaders typically work 10 or less hours per week, which leaves time for another job or other activities.

If you are interested in being an SI Leader contact Stephanie Smith.