Of Interest to Those with a Relationship with the former Sue Bennett College or Bennett Center of London

"Attention Appalachian enthusiasts: Whether you are a scholar studying a particular aspect of Appalachian culture, a student needing information on the Melungeons for a speech, or just someone that enjoys reading Sharyn McCrumb novels, you will be happy to know the WTML is working to create an Appalachian collection. The collection will be housed in the front of the Reference Room and will include a wide range of materials. Some may be old and rare and kept under lock and key, but most of it will be a working collection that will serve the needs of our faculty, students, and local scholars. During the next few months, the library staff will start identifying materials in our current collection that should be housed in this special area. New materials will be sought out and purchased to add to the collection. The final step will be to integrate the materials recently acquired by the library from the Bennett Center in London, and that will be done over the upcoming summer. Sue Bennett College had a substantial Appalachian collection at one point, and many of those books have a new home at the Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library. The idea of an Appalachian Collection has been marinating with our librarians for years, and we are very pleased to finally have the opportunity to bring it to fruition and provide access to our patrons."
By Tara Cooper, originally published in WTML Newsletter, Volume 5, Issue 1 

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