Today's Menu


 Mon.  10/4/15

Soup;  Ham & Beans

Broccoli & Cheese



Kung Pao Beef Sandwiches

 Bacon Mac & Cheese
 Mashed Potato
 Sub Zone
 Salads & Desserts
 Grill; Chicken Nuggets & Fries

Demo; Pasta Saute'











Carved Chipotle Pork Loin


Chicken Tomato Marsala Sauce


Grilled Seasoned Tofu


Roasted Red Potatoes




Sub Zone


Salads & Desserts


Grill; Ham & Cheese Sandwiches & Fries


Demo; Waffles





  Late Night


 Buffalo Chicken Wrap



From a giant 1/2 pound cookie to seasonal fruit, you can find the perfect gift for that special person.