Dining Services

When it comes to your growling stomach, variety is important. We know this. And that’s why Union’s dining hall includes lots of food choices. For even more food options, we offer “flex dollars,” a meal plan supplement that lets you get snacks and Starbucks drinks at Conversations Coffee Shop, as well as dining hall meals. Interested? See a dining services staff member for details.

If you’re a first-year student, you’re required to purchase the plan that includes 23 meals per week. Otherwise, you can choose between 16 or 23. Freshmen, please don’t take offense to this. We know how cliché this sounds, but here goes: It’s for your own good. Living away from home (most of you for the first time) will require you to manage all your resources, including food. We don’t want you to underestimate how much you’ll need. You’ll figure it out during year-one, and then you’ll be equipped to decide for yourself.

Your student ID is your meal pass and is required for entry into the cafeteria. To deactivate a lost or stolen card, notify the dean for Student Development. There is a nominal replacement fee. Typically, meals are for dining in. To-go boxes are available under special circumstances and require a $5 deposit. Once the box is returned, you’ll either get a clean box or your $5 back. Two important things to remember about our dining hall: model citizenship is expected, and meals cannot be shared. Follow our simple rules to prevent temporary loss of privileges.

If you require a special diet, have suggestions or are interested in our catering services, please arrange to meet with the dean for Student Development and/or the director of Dining Services.

From a giant 1/2 pound cookie to seasonal fruit, you can find the perfect gift for that special person.