Branding Guide Policies

Why do we have branding guidelines?


The importance of a cohesive plan to brand and market Union College and its defining initiatives cannot be overstated. Student recruitment, retention, advancement and alumni development all depend upon a defined brand and the marketability of our institution. Our brand must hold true to who we are as individuals and, collectively, as the Union College family.

The Office of Campus Communications is primarily responsible for the quality and consistency of our branding and marketing efforts; however, each member of the Union family has a responsibility to uphold the values integral to our institution and to carry forth our mission in all endeavors.


How do I find logos, fonts, or other design files?


Official logos for athletic and institutional use can be found on the "Images" drive on your computer. Once you open the "Images" drive, look for a folder called "Branding | Logos Graphics and Fonts". Within this folder you will find all up-to-date graphics in popular formats.

Please do not stretch or manipulate these logos in any way. Remember to contact the Office of College Communications for your graphic design and printing needs.