Designing and Teaching Online and Hybrid Courses

Delivery Method: Fully online, mostly asynchronous, with one required synchronous virtual class meeting.

This course is designed to prepare novice online instructors for developing and teaching an online or hybrid course and to enhance the skills of experienced online instructors. Its online format allows instructors to experience distance education from a student’s perspective. The emphasis is largely on course design, based on Quality Matters principles, and includes an introduction to the Quality Matters rubric. The Quality Matters rubric reflects an emerging set of national standards for quality in the design of online courses. The rubric is at the heart of the Quality Matters process and can be used either as an informal benchmark for developing an online or hybrid course or as an assessment instrument for guiding a peer-review process. A secondary emphasis in the course is on management of the learning experience during the delivery of an online or hybrid course. By the end of the course participants will have developed the framework for one or more online or hybrid courses in their respective disciplines. While participants will be introduced to a variety of technological options and experience the use of some of them from a student’s perspective, technology skills will not otherwise be addressed in this course. Rather, as a course assignment, participants will develop a personal plan for acquiring the technology skills needed to deliver the course(s) they have designed. The staff of the Teaching and Learning Center will provide support with technology through workshops, individual tutoring sessions, and online resources.

Successful completion of the course partially fulfills the training requirement for faculty who are developing courses through the Title III program and leads to certification to teach online or
hybrid courses at Union College.