Visiting Union College


You will feel the warmth of Union with one visit to our campus. 


You have the spark, but do you have all you need to Catch Fire?

That is what the Union College experience can do for you. We have a long history of helping students Catch Fire – mind, body and spirit. One walk across our campus – greeting students, meeting faculty and touring our facilities will show that to you.

Once you visit, you will find the admissions process is so easy. Our counselors and staff are here to answer all your questions, manage all of your paperwork and help you to focus on the one thing that is most important to you – your collegiate success.

Visiting is the only way to experience all the facets that go into that success. You will come to understand the college’s bond with Appalachian region, learn of our commitment to service learning and exploring diverse cultures. And, most importantly you will find all the things you need on our campus to make you feel right at home. At Union College, you will feel the warmth.

Take the time to come visit and let us kindle the flames for you…

Are you ready to Catch Fire?

If you prefer to contact us directly to schedule your visit, or arrange for enrollment, please call us at 800.489.8646 or 606.546.1657 or email us at