Sports Management

Offered as a major
Division Level

The purpose of the Sports Management program is to prepare students for entry- level positions in various sports and activity related industries through the development of necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences.  The Sports Management student will be prepared to make meaningful choices and informed decisions based on a curriculum which includes a variety of on and off campus learning experiences.


  • students will understand and demonstrate core fundamentals in the area of physical education (kinesiology, exercise physiology, tests and measurements, and sociological issues of sport 
  • students will act in an ethical way and treat all clients with respect
  • students will become familiar with the day-to-day responsibilities of a position in sports management through the Internship program
  • students will demonstrate a proficiency in using a variety of workplace related technology such as word processing, spreadsheet, and graphic presentation software.
  • students will demonstrate to the ability to plan and develop a budget for an athletic program for a year

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