Social Work

Offered as a major
Division Level

Courses Required for a Social Work Major

Social Work Course Requirements: 49 hours
SWRK 120Social Work & Human Services3 hours
SWRK 222Th Social Work Profession & Social Welfare Policy3 hours
SWRK 233Ethical Issues in Generalist Social Work3 hours
SWRK 310Human Diversity & Social Justice3 hours
SWRK 318Human Behavior & The Social Environment I3 hours
SWRK 321Human Behavior & The Social Environment II3 hours
SWRK 333Foundation Skills for The Generalist Social Work Practice3 hours
SWRK 336Methods of Social Work Research3 hours
SWRK 341Generalist Social Work Practice I3 hours
SWRK 412Generalist Social Work Practice II3 hours
SWRK 422Social Welfare Policy: Analysis & Practice4 hours
SWRK 489Field Education12 hours
SWRK 491Senior Seminar3 hours
Cognate Course Requirements 22 hours

Research Cognate Course: Choose 1 course

     BHSC 245 

     PSYH 301


Basic Statistics: Theory & Application 

Experimental Research Design

3 hours 
Liberal Education Core Cognate Courses: 19 hours 

Social & Behavioral Sciences:

PSYH 200 Introduction to Psychology 3 hours
SOCI 131Introduction to Sociology 3 hours 
ECON 203 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 hours 

Cultural Studies: Choose 1 course

     APST 204

     ENCO 232

     SOCI 241


Appalachian Culture

Appalachian Literture

Sociology of Appalachia 

3 hours
General Sciences Sequence:  4 hours

BIOL 109/110 OR

BIOL 111 

Elements of Biology & Elements of Biology Lab OR

General Biology (includes lab) 

Humanities: 3 hours 
HUMN 214-PThe Modern World in Crisis  

Social Work Elective Requirement (choose 1)

     SWRK 327

     SWRK 338

     SWRK 340

     SWRK 343

     SWRK 495


Loss & Grief

Social Services in Rural Appalachian Health Care

Gerontological Services in Rural Appalachia

Child & Family Welfare Services in Rural Appalachia

Special Topics in Social Work

3 hours