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The Master of Arts in Psychology programs are designed for students who may wish to pursue further doctoral studies in psychology, or who are seeking career advancement. The degree is also an excellent choice for those who are seeking personal enrichment and advancement in related fields, or wish to pursue higher learning in psychology as a means to expand their learning ability in general.

The degree involves advanced coursework in the field of psychology, as well as a capstone, integrative research-based thesis aimed to prepare students for understanding research, becoming consumers of research literature and thinking critically and scientifically.

The course curriculum is dynamic, challenging and professionally relevant. Whether you’re transitioning to another career or expanding your qualifications for your current career in psychology, Union’s online master's degree in Psychology offers flexibility, convenience and academic rigor to help you focus on success and meet your goals.

The online format is user-friendly and offers technical support all day, every day. While you are always welcome to visit campus and meet with your professors face-to-face, you will never be required to make the trip to College Street in Barbourville. But we certainly hope you do!

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