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Required Courses for a Psychology Major

Required Courses 27 hours
PSYH 200Intro to Psych3 hours
PSYH 290Clinical Psych3 hours
PSYH 301Exp Res Design I3 hours
PSYH 302Exp Res Design II3 hours
PSYH 315Physio Psych3 hours
PSYH 352Abnormal Psych3 hours
PSYH 461Hist & Syst of Psych3 hours
PSYH 497Senior Seminar I3 hours
PSYH 498Senior Seminar II3 hours

Elective hours may be selected from any of the tracks below,

according to the student's career plans or specialized interests.

12 hours
Experimental Track  
PSYH 350Cognition3 hours
PSYH 360Sensation & Perception3 hours
PSYH 361Psychology of Learning3 hours
PSYH 470Theories of Learning3 hours
PSYH 475Adv Beh Neuroscience3 hours
PSYH 492Research Practicum3 hours
Clinical Track  
PSYH 201Psych of Adjustment3 hours
PSYH 402Adv. Couns. Theories3 hours
PSYH 460Theories of Personality3 hours
General Electives  
PSYH 202Forensic Psychology3 hours
PSYH 210Child Development3 hours
PSYH 225Adolescent Pscyhology3 hours
PSYH 275Cross-Cultural Psych3 hours
PSYH 330Social Psychology3 hours
PSYH 332Lifespan Psychology3 hours
PSYH 392Industrial/Org Psych3 hours
PSYH 480Spec Topics in Psych3 hours
PSYH 495Ind Study/Research3 hours
Chemical Dependency Electives  
PSYH 405Found of Chem Dep I4 hours
PSYH 406Found of Chem Dep II4 hours
PSYH 407Ethics & HIV/AIDS1 hour
PSYH 410Psych of Addiction3 hours
PSYH 413Recovery & Relapse3 hours
PSYH 424Biological Systems3 hours

*Exit requirements for the Psychology major include an acceptable score on the ETS Major Field Test, and a senior interview to be scheduled in the last semester of course work.

Required Courses for a Psychology Minor

Requirements for a Minor:

21 semester hours, including:

Required 9 hours
PSYH 200Intro to Psychology3 hours



PSYH 301

Basic Statistics OR

Methods of Beh Science Research OR

Exp Res Design I 

3 hours
PSYH 302Exp Res Design II3 hours

Elective hours may be selected from any of the tracks listed

above, according to the student's career plans or specialized


12 hours

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