P-5 Education

Offered as a major
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Courses Required for a P-5 Education Major

Pre-professional Courses

for students preparing to teach Elementary Education (P-5).

Minimum GPA of 2.75 required

PSYH 200 Introduction to Psychology3 hours 
 PHED 261Physical Education in the Elementary School3 hours 
 EDUC 271Teaching Art in the Elementary School 3 hours 
 MATH 203Math for Elementary School Teachers I 3 hours 
 MATH 204Math for Elementary School Teachers II 3 hours 
 ENGL 361Critical Study of Children's Literature 33 hours 
 MUSC 373Elementary School Music 3 hours 
 COMP 151Technology Processes 2 hours 

 Multicultural Studies

(Please see advisor/ESU for course options)

 3 hours 
Professional Preparation
EDUC 231 Schooling in American Culture 3 hours 
 EDUC 210Early Involvement Practicum 2 hours 
 EDUC 211Early Involvement Seminar 1 hour 

Total Hours Required for Novice Block:

The Novice Block is offered in the fall and spring

semesters of each academic year.

 6 hours 
PSYH 210Child Development 3 hours 
 EDUC 310Intermediate Involvement Practicum 1 hour 
 SPED 321Survey of Exceptionalities 3 hours 
 EDUC 374Inst. Design and Del. in the Elem. School3 hours 
 PSYH 470Theories of Learning 3 hours 

Total Hours Required for Intermediate Block:

The Intermediate Block is offered in the fall and spring

semesters of each academic year.

 13 hours
EDUC 318Teaching Math in the Elementary School3 hours 
EDUC 328 Methods of Elem. School Social Studies 3 hours 
EDUC 338 Teaching Reading in the Content Subjects 3 hours 
EDUC 348 Teaching Science in the Elem. School 3 hours 
EDUC 388 Literacy in the Elementary School 3 hours 
EDUC 410 Advanced Involvement Practicum 1 hour 

Total Hours Required for Advanced Block:

The Advanced Block for elementary majors is offered

mainly during the fall semester of each academic year.

All classes are restricted to those students who have

been admitted to the Teacher Education Program. 

 16 hours 
EDUC 458 Student Teaching in the Elem. School 12 hours 
EDUC 488 Professional Interactions 3 hours 

Total Hours Required for Final Block:

The Final Block is offered during fall and spring semesters.

 15 hours 
Academic Emphasis 
COMM 221 Introduction to Mass Communication3 hours 
ENCO 222 Introduction to Critical Studies 3 hours 
ENGL 311Intermediate Composition 3 hours 
ENCO 261 Writing & Speaking for the Media 3 hours 
ENGL 361 Critical Study of Children's Literature 3 hours 
ENGL 421 History of the English Language 3 hours 
ENGL literature elective at 300+  3 hours 
  Total Hours: 21 
Fine Arts/Humanities   
EDUC 271 Elementary School Art 3 hours 
MUSC 121 Intro to Music 3 hours 
THTR 131 Intro to Theatre 3 hours 
PHED 275 Elementary Movement Forms 3 hours
Experiences in theater or music 1 hour
Experiences in theater or music 1 hour
Experiences in theater or music 1 hour

One Elective at the 300+ level from




 3 hours
Select one of the following:  
THTR 365History of Theatre to 16423 hours
THTR 366History of Theatre since 16423 hours
HIST 451Renaissance & Reformation3 hours
HIST 452Topics in Modern European History3 hours
  Total Hours: 21
Mathematics Studies  
MATH 110Topics in Contemporary Mathematics3 hours
MATH 131College Algebra3 hours
MATH 203Math for Elementary School Teachers I3 hours
MATH 204Math for Elementary School Teacerhs II3 hours
MATH 301Principles of Geometry3 hours
BHSC 245Basic Statistics3 hours
MATH Elective (200 level or above) 3 hours
  Total Hours: 21
BIOL 111General Biology4 hours
BIOL 232 OR BIOL 233General Zoology OR General Botany4 hours 
ENVS 110 Physical Systems of the Environment 3 hours 
PHSY 111 & 113  College Physics & Lab 4 hours 
PHYS 112-144 OR CHEM 121 OR 122 College Physics & Lab OR General Chemistry I OR II 4 hours 
  Total Hours: 19 
Social Studies   
INSS 103 Cultural Geography 3 hours 
HIST 211 Topics in World History 3 hours 


HIST 312

U.S. History to 1840 OR

U.S. History Since 1840-1919

3 hours 


SOCI 131 

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology OR 

Introduction to Sociology

3 hours 


PLSC 231

American National Government OR

International Politics

3 hours 


ECON 204 

Macroeconomics OR


3 hours 

Select one 300+ level from History, Political Science, or


 3 hours 
  Total Hours: 21