Mass Communications

Offered as a major & minor
Division Level

Courses Required for a Major in Mass Communication

COMM 221Introduction to Mass Communications3 hours
ENCO 222Introduction to Critical Studies3 hours
COMM 232Layout & Design I3 hours
ENCO 261Writing & Speaking for the Media I3 hours
COMM 342Writing & Speaking for the Media II

3 hours


COMM 332

Visual Communication I OR

Layout & Design II

3 hours
COMM 361Intercultural Communication3 hours
COMM 362Interpersonal Communication3 hours
COMM 461Media Literacy3 hours
COMM 462Media Law3 hours
COMM 472Capstone Seminar3 hours

All mass communication majors choose

one of the following tracks (12 hours)

Media Journalism  
COMM 322Persuasion3 hours
COMM 331TV Production I3 hours
COMM 441Public Discourse3 hours

COMM 390/490 OR


COMM 422

Yearbook (1 hour each/need 3) OR

Visual Communication II OR

TV Production II

3 hours
Global Media  
COMM 343Folklore & Mass Media3 hours
COMM 351Environment Communication3 hours
COMM 442Journalism, Interviewing & Field Work3 hours
COMM 451

Globalization & the Media

(travel abroad with accredited program

can substitute for COMM 451)

3 hours