Mass Communications

Offered as a major & minor
Division Level

The Mass Communication program prepares students for the working media environment through communication skills development, critical thinking development and a knowledge base in persuasion, media law, and the historical and cultural implications of mass media. The Mass Communication program offers students theory, skills, and knowledge to insure their future success in the field of communication.

The program prepares students to: 

  • Write and speak thoughtfully, correctly, clearly, concisely and creatively in the forms and styles appropriate for different audiences, purposes, and contexts.
  • Critically and objectively analyze, evaluate and apply information, data, and visuals by methods appropriate to the particular audience, purpose, and contexts.
  • Produce innovative media by applying the appropriate methodologies, technologies, and equipment.
  • Understand and apply First Amendment principles, including the laws appropriate for the pursuit of truth, accuracy, and fairness.
  • Become interculturally competent. Communicate without bias and demonstrate an understanding of cultural relativity.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the development and evolution of mass communication.

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