Map Resources

Maps – via database   

For easy access, use this alphabetical list of databases.


  • Choose Browse ARTstor – Geography
  • Choose category Maps, Charts and Graphs for specific country (if available)

Credo Reference Online

  • 600+ reference works – subject-specific and interdisciplinary general reference
  • Advanced Search – Limit your search to
    • Entries with the following features – Entries with maps
  • May compare country to country [in CIA World Factbook]
    • To locate:
      • Advanced Search – Limit your search to…Selected subjects of titles…
      • Geography             or
      • Find a book

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) and
Military and Government Collection (EBSCO)

  • Qualify FT; may qualify for scholarly (peer reviewed)
    • Image Quick View Types -- Map
  • Create an EBSCO Folder to save search results from multiple databases

JSTOR (Journal Storage : The Scholarly Journal Archive)

  • 100% FT (full text)/PDF coverage from v.1, no.1 of selected journals
  • 100% scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals
  • Advanced Search w/map in full-text of article

OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson) (EBSCO)

  • Advanced Search
    • Enter map in the first search box; add geographic location in next search box
    • Limit your results: Check FT; may also select scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

  • Results state type of map: geopolitical, historical

Oxford Reference Online

  • Advanced Search
    • Enter map in the first search box; add geographic location in next search box

Gale Virtual Reference Library

  • Advanced Search
    • Limit results: to document with images
    • Enter map in the first search box; add geographic location in next search box

Statesman’s Yearbook Online

  • Essential information on the nations of the world
  • Basic maps

Maps – via  uSearch 

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

2 ways to search for maps

  • Advanced Search – Qualify MATERIAL TYPE: PRINT MAP, then search keyword.
  • Advanced Search – Include map as one of the search terms.
    • Qualify MATERIAL TYPE as ANY.

Recently expanded print National Geographic map collection

  • Advanced Search
    • AUTHOR: National Geographic
    • ANY FIELD: map
  • Most located in Union Map Cabinet.

Maps – via card file

Rerence Room cabinet

  • Alphabetical card file; Maps A-1 – A-435
  • Map folders – broad geographic areas (e.g., Maps – Africa)

Maps – via websites

The University of Texas Library Online

National Geographic

Holt, Rinehart and Winston : Social Studies Home Page

The Library of Congress : Map Collections

United Nations Cartographic Section

Embassy World Map Search

Maps and mapping resources: A guide to select resources on the web
from College and Research Libraries News. Vol. 62. No. 9. October 2001;
full text available via Academic Search Premier; OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson) (EBSCO)

A guide to online maps and mapping resources
from Journal of Library Administration. Vol. 44. No. 1/2. 2006; abstract available via Academic Search Premier (EBSCO); OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson) (EBSCO)
<full text available via InterLibrary Loan>

Crafting your own map web search?

Google – Advanced Image Search

  • Find images with all these words:  include map
  • Narrow your results by site or domain: .edu or .gov
  • Google Maps


  • Qualify Images
  • Include domain designation .edu or .gov and physical qualifier map in search string
  • Yahoo Maps