Offered as a major & minor
Division Level

The primary purpose of the Health program is to prepare students for entry-level teaching and non-teaching positions through the development of necessary knowledge and skills, and to emphasize the importance of the dimensions of wellness and exercise for a better quality life for themselves and others. The health major is prepared to make knowledgeable choices and educated decisions based on a comprehensive curriculum which includes a variety of learning experiences including the following:

  • students will know, understand and be able to explain either orally or in written form the six dimensions of wellness and how they interact to develop a person with a high level of wellness
  • students will understand how the field of health education in the U.S. has evolved over time by examining the various attitudes and behaviors of a variety of cultures through history
  • students, on the teacher certification track, will pass the PRAXIS II examination before beginning the student teaching assignment
  • students, on the teacher certification track, will demonstrate the ability to develop lesson plans and to teach Health Education related subject matter in a public school system (student teaching)
  • students will demonstrate a proficiency in using a variety of workplace-related technology, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and graphic presentation software

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