Offered as a major
Division Level

Courses Required for a Major in English

ENCO 222Introduction to Critical Studies3 hours
ENCO 261Writing & Speaking for the Media3 hours
ENGL 311Intermediate Composition3 hours
ENGL 341Literary Types3 hours
ENGL 342Texts in History, 1800-present3 hours
ENGL 421History of the English Language3 hours
ENGL 442Texts in History, before 18003 hours
ENGL 471Shakespeare3 hours
ENGL 472Capstone Seminar3 hours

Two "cultural group" courses,

to be chosen from:

ENGL 361Critical Study for Children's Literature3 hours
ENGL 362Literature for Adolescents & Young Adults3 hours
ENGL 461World Cultures in Literature3 hours
ENGL 462American Cultures in Literature3 hours
Two "reading courses  
ENGL 371Texts & Themes1 hour each

One advanced "production"

course from

ENGL 402Advanced Composition3 hours
ENGL 412Composition for Teachers3 hours