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Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership (Non-Certification) program provides candidates with an all-encompassing overview of P-12 educational administration.  Upon completion of the program, candidates have obtained a unique skill set that prepares them for service opportunities in schools, colleges/universities, and non-profit agencies.

Examples of possible career pathways include but are not limited to:
  • Staff positions in schools, colleges/universities, and non-profit programs
  • Staff positions in state and national education agencies
  • Staff positions in community programs, agencies, and service providers


Kentucky Rank I Programs

Union’s Educational Studies program is approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board to offer Rank I classification to Kentucky educators through the completion of a 31 semester program beyond an initial master’s program (Rank II).  Our Rank I programs are built upon the research practices, assessment competencies, and standards-based instructional methods introduced at the initial master’s level. Upon completion of the program, candidates can apply to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) for Rank I certification, based on their chosen Rank I program.

Examples of possible career pathways include but are not limited to:
  • Implementing professional learning communities (PLC) within their school districts
  • Developing and leading Response to Intervention (RTI) teams within their schools
  • Introducing new models for curriculum and instruction for their schools
  • Serving on Site Based Decision Making Councils
  • Serving on district technology advisor boards
  • Serving on assessment advisory boards to provide current research on student assessment i.e. assessment of learning vs. assessment of learning, formative and summative assessment procedures, and student self-assessment
  • Assisting in the development of professional development opportunities for their schools based on their knowledge of current research including student achievement, community building, and resource allocation
  • Employment as curriculum coaches, assessment coordinators, director of federal programs, coordinator for extended school services, and professional development liaisons.

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