Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Professional Social Work Day

Due to the tragedy of Dr. Sarah Hendrix and family’s death and the upheaval of Union College being closed all last week due to the weather, I regret that we are cancelling this year’s Professional Social Work Day that was scheduled for February 27, 2015.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this causes and am truly sorry for having to take this action.  Lincoln Memorial University (who had partnered with us for this year’s event) and I will be in discussion about rescheduling the Profession Social Work Day for a possible fall semester date.  Once those decisions are made, we will let you know the dates for the event.  Thank you for your understanding and patience concerning this change.
Martha L. Ellison, Ph.D., MSW
Field Education Director


The Social and Behavioral Sciences Department offers a major and minor in sociology, a major in social work, and a major in criminal justice.

Each major consists of a total of 30 semester hours, including courses in theory, statistics, research methodology, and substantive areas of study. The minor program requires 21 semester hours. Many students interested in sociology elect to pursue a double major. This process in made easier because the basic behavioral science courses required for majors in sociology and psychology will be counted toward both majors.

Majors in the social sciences are popular choices for students interested in graduate or law school. Other students have obtained employment in areas as diverse as social service occupations, counseling and human service, and management.


Department Chair

Dr. Robert Armour


Mrs. Casey Armour
Instructor Political Science
Dr. Robert Armour
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice/Department Chair
Mrs. Kay Eads-King
Administrative Assistant: Social Work
Dr. Martha Ellison
Professor: Social Work/Field Education Director
Dr. Hugo Freund
Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences