Department of Psychology

The Psychology Department offers an undergraduate major and minor in psychology, as well as a Master’s in General Psychology and M.A. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology.

The undergraduate major consists of 39 hours, including courses in theory, methodology, and substantive areas of study. The minor requires 21 hours.

Many students who major in psychology decide to go on to graduate school in order to obtain licensure in the clinical field, or to pursue advanced studies in educational, sport, forensic, or research psychology. Others may decide to complete their education with a 4-year college degree and enter a career in business, health, social services, education, psychology, or other fields.

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Department Chair

Dr. Charles Jones



Regina Shackelford


Dr. Kathy Blaydes-Walczak
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Mrs. Regina Shackelford
Academic Support: Psychology
Dr. Ilie Vasilescu
Associate Professor of Psychology