Admission Information

Requirements to complete the admission process

For admission to coursework at the pre-candidacy level

  • Official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university, with a 3.0 minimum undergraduate GPA, and an admission index score of 897 or higher.

  • Either a major or minor degree earned in the field of psychology

  • Statement of goals and objectives

  • Acceptable current GRE scores on file by the end of the first term

    • Clinical Program Verbal 153, Quantitative 144 total target score 297

    • General Online Program Verbal 146, Quantitative 140 total target score 286

  • Signed planned program

  • Resume of work experience

  • Interview with Psychology Faculty



Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate

The Chemical Dependency Certificate Program is designed to train people in the skills necessary for assisting chemically dependent persons to alleviate that dependency. The program includes courses designed to provide students with a knowledge of the field through focusing on the development of counseling skills specific to the needs of chemically dependent clientele as identified by appropriate agencies.

This certificate program has been approved by the Kentucky Board of Certification of Drug and Alcohol Counselors (March, 2007). Completion of the Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate does not guarantee certification by the Kentucky Board, but provides the requisite academic background to sit for the CADC examination.

Requirements to complete the admission process:
  • Complete the Graduation application
  • Submit Official Undergraduate transcripts (& Graduate transcripts if you have transfer credit to be considered.
  • Submit a signed planned program