Offered as a major & minor
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Required Courses for a Biology Major

(35 hours)

BIOL 111General Biology4 hours
BIOL 232General Zoology4 hours
BIOL 233General Botany4 hours
BIOL 362Transmission Genetics4 hours
BIOL 363Molecular Genetics4 hours
BIOL 431Cell Biology4 hours
BIOL 441Ecology4 hours
2 Biology Electives(300 or 400 level)7 or 8 hours
CHEM 121-122General Chemistry8 hours
GNSC 471Science Seminar1 hour
One of the following groups:  

PHYS 111-112 AND

PHYS 113-114

College Physics AND

College Physics Laboratory

6 hours

2 hours

PHYS 211-212 AND

PHYS 213-214

General Physics AND

General Physic Laboratory

8 hours

2 hours

Biology 331 and 334 are highly recommended as electives for those seeking secondary certification.

Required Courses for a Biology Minor

(24 hours)

Twenty-four semester hours in Biology are required. Biology 111, 232 and 233 must be included.