Union's Story

There are several facets of Union College you should look at before you’ll get a good sense of who we are and what we stand for. From our liberal arts foundation to the alumni who prove every day how valuable it is, we have many reasons to be proud and confidently toot our own horn. Through the personal relationships that are built here, success is nurtured and celebrated. And that’s what we’re proud of the most.

In This Section

Our 1:1 approach will help you succeed academically.

Union graduates are successful in their professions as well as graduate schools.

Repair Affair is an annual service project.
The Union College community volunteers more than 15,000 hours in an average academic year.

All Union students have opportunities to get in the game.

Union College is committed to lifelong learning.
Since 1879, we've educated leaders in our region and beyond.
Timeline of Union's history

A timeline of Union College's history